Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Submission for this ends Feb 6th 2012.

I've spent a year now working on my second album. So far it's all just me. I mean literally JUST ME. It's as "solo" as a record can possibly be. So I thought it would maybe be cool have some other humans somehow get involved....

I want YOU to sing on a song. Here's how:

1. Read this linked document
Sorry about this - it's some annoying legal stuff that I have been advised I need to do or I can't use your voice. Basically, by recording yourself and posting it, you automatically agree to the terms in the linked document. If you don't like the sound or look of this - don't do it!

2. Download this MP3 or go to my soundcloud page.

3. Film yourself singing along to it. Use headphones so we can only hear your voice. Do it somewhere quiet! You will hear me count you in, 1234, you must clap three times along with me, then sing what I sing :"Oh Oh Oooh..." till the end. Don't worry about it being "perfect". Try to have "fun"... ;-). If it is too high, try singing it an octave below. (Google octave!)

4. Post it on youtube (or vevo or whatever...) or if you are super shy:
mail an mp3/wav to

5. Post a link to the clip on the "Your Backing Vocal Clips" on my facebook page.

6. You're done! Leave the rest to me. I am hoping to use ALL uploads if possible. If you do it - and it's usable - you should get on! It will basically be an internet choir...

Obviously, in advance, if you take the time to do this:




JonathanLGardner said...

Seems like fun, might give it a go


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's so cool, Dan!

@tylermancl said...

i'll maybe fit this in the schedule tomorrow.

Kat59 said...

Amazing and generous Dan ! Tomorrow, i'll we have a few days to do it ?
Thank you so much !

Unknown said...

What an awesome concept...I'm in! :)