Friday, October 29, 2010

SBTRKT + Sampha "Look At Stars" - - i wish I had a voice like this...

Click on this and then click on the triangle.....


GeoRG!e said...

Are you kidding? Your voice is so awesome. It fits your art perfectly. After discovering your work with Planet Funk, I bought Non Zero Sumness. I can't stop listening to Who Said. Lemonade is just as great!!!
Dan Black I am so in LOVE with your music.

Anonymous said...

your voice is perfect for your music,matches perfectly with synths and all.
The singer on SBTRKT is a bit flat,and have a small tessitura.

You can sing low notes like on "Tangled Up In Headphones Lead" and "gorecki,fix up my girlfriend some more" but also high notes like on "U + Me =" and "spand the cure till brooklyn"

and don't forget that YOU DO THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD !!!

Remy Moon

Marina said...

Are you crazy?
Ta voix, c'est ta marque de fabrique. Elle sublime ton univers de compositeur. XD
Reste TOI!